7 Steps for Building a Sustainable Innovation Process

fotolia_58516001“Sustainable Innovation” is essential to the growth and success of your organization.

However, implementing a sustainable innovation process can also be a complicated and expensive journey. In the upcoming blog post series, 7 Steps to Sustainable Innovation, I will share and explain seven steps to help you establish your own successful Sustainable Innovation Process.

Why is this important? Implementing a sustainable innovation process can help you avoid the vagaries of the traditional “hit-or-miss” innovation. This will help you break away from your competitors, and achieve and/or grow your market leadership.

7 Steps to Sustainable Innovation

Here are the seven steps that can help you build a sustainable innovation process at your organization:

  1. Align with Your Organizational Strategy
  2. Get Executive Sponsorship
  3. Build Your Innovation Management Process
  4. Identify Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Define Metrics
  6. Improve Continuously
  7. Build a Culture of Innovation

Stay tuned for my next post on “Step 1: Align with Your Organizational Strategy” to learn practical tips for getting started. Until then…

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