Online Suggestion Box: Definition and Benefits

Kid Having an IdeaYour employees drive your company forward.

They’re doing what you hired them to do. But they’re also full of ideas that can improve your organization. Some of those ideas can even lead to breakthrough products & services. You can tap into these ideas with the effective use of an online suggestion box.

But what exactly is an online suggestion box? Here’s a simple definition:

An online suggestion box is an online website that employees can use to share their ideas freely with other employees, including management.  

It’s a simple way to get your employees to want to share their ideas with you. Whether your employees have big ideas (about innovative new products) or small ideas (improvements to internal process), doesn’t matter. All these ideas can [Read more…]

Innovation Community: Definition and Benefits

Great Idea by a TeamCreativity builds success.

If your organization is like most others, many creative ideas are going to come from your employees. An Innovation Community enables this. Wondering what exactly is an “innovation community?”

Here’s a definition:
An innovation community is a community within the workplace where ideas can be freely exchanged. It creates a productive discussion between management and employees.

As this Wall Street Journal article notes, an innovation community can give new shape and purpose to the knowledge your employees already have.

However, many companies aren’t [Read more…]

How an Employee Suggestion Program Can Make Your Employees Happier

Happy employeesIt’s a tricky question.

Do bonuses & cash rewards keep employees happy? Or is there a better way to motivate employees?

Reward Schemes for Routine vs. Non-Routine Roles

Bonus schemes may motivate employees depending on whether their role is routine or non-routine. Factory jobs are often routine – they may not require a lot of initiative. The same may be true for certain basic administrative roles.

More and more jobs in our economy, however, are non-routine: creative jobs, engineering jobs, marketing and sales jobs, etc. These jobs often require creativity, expertise, and self-motivation.

In his fascinating book Drive, Daniel Pink argues that reward schemes [Read more…]

Open Innovation – Definition and Benefits

Open InnovationAs you know, it is important to establish a workplace where creativity and innovation thrive.

“Open innovation” – a trendy term nowadays – can help you do this. But what exactly does “Open innovation” mean?

Henry Chesbrough, the author credited with coining the term, defines open innovation as:

“…the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively.”

Whew, that was a mouthful! Here’s a (I hope!) simpler version:
Open innovation is about building a system where ideas flow openly from your customers, employees, and other stakeholders such as partners & suppliers. This system allows you to [Read more…]