7 Benefits of an Employee Suggestion Program

A well-designed employee suggestion program can offer several benefits to your organization.

Here are some of the top benefits you can reap via employee suggestion programs…

Benefits of Employee Suggestion Programs

  1. Improve Employee Morale
    A well-designed employee suggestion program enables employees to improve their own work processes. This improves employee morale.
  2. Increase Job Satisfaction
    Participating in employee suggestion programs increases employee job satisfaction as employees feel they are positively influencing their organization.
  3. Create Ownership & Engagement
    By enabling employees to play an active role in the future direction of their organization, employee suggestion programs create a sense of ownership and increase employee engagement.
  4. Build Team Spirit
    Well-designed employee suggestion programs enable employees to collaborate together on fleshing out suggestions as well as implementing them. This builds team spirit.
  5. Reduce Costs – Increase Profitability
    Organizations such as Toyota have achieved substantial cost savings by asking employees to suggest ideas to reduce costs. This leads to increased profitability for your organization.
  6. Increase Revenue
    Organizations such as GE and P&G have introduced new product lines as a result of their employee suggestion programs. This leads to increased revenue for your organization.
  7. Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Organizations such as Starbucks leverage their employee suggestion program to identify ways to serve their customers better, this leads to improved customer satisfaction.

These are some of the top benefits you can achieve via a well-designed employee suggestion program.

In our future posts, we will share practical tips for designing successful employee suggestion programs. Until then…

(Editor’s note: Our new blog post provides 5 tips for building employee suggestion programs. You may also want to check out our tutorial on employee suggestion programs)

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