Employee Suggestion Box: Definition and Benefits

Employee Suggestion BoxWant to know one of the best ways to motivate employees?

Employee suggestion boxes give employees opportunities to participate in decision making at work. As a result, they feel empowered and assume more ownership of their work.

It may sound self-explanatory, but let’s define what an employee suggestion box is:

An employee suggestion box is a device for obtaining employee input – comments and suggestions – in hopes of improving internal processes and/or products. Employee suggestion boxes form the foundation of successful employee suggestion programs

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How to Create an Employee Suggestion Form

Girl WonderingYou’re launching an Employee Suggestion Program, because you’d like to harness the creativity of your employees; and to improve company performance.

Creating an Employee Suggestion Form is one of the things on your long to-do-list. You had hoped that creating a form would be one of your easier tasks, but it is causing you a headache.

Some managers want to keep the form as simple as possible to encourage more ideas. Others prefer an extensive form to encourage employees to think carefully about the ideas they submit.

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Employee Suggestion Program: Definition and Benefits

Post-Its of people leading to an ideaEmployee Suggestion Programs. What are they? And, how can they help your organization?

First, let us define what an employee suggestion program is:

A program implemented by an organization to tap into employee ideas in hopes of improving the organization’s processes and/or products.

When implemented well, your organization can reach new heights. An employee suggestion program can lead companies to accomplish everything from saving money to creating new products, as seen in [Read more…]

These 6 Ideas from Employee Suggestion Programs Boosted Company Performance

Happy Post-ItAre you planning to launch an Employee Suggestion Program (ESP)? Do you need to prove the value of employee suggestion programs to help persuade senior management?

You can benefit from employee suggestions in a variety of ways, including:

  • Increase revenues
  • Save costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Enhance safety or quality standards

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6 Must-Do Steps for a Successful Staff Suggestion Scheme

Babies climbing up steps

Encourage employees to submit useful ideas, and your company will thrive.

The theory sounds good.

As you may know, companies like Toyota have successfully implemented staff suggestion schemes. They have improved product quality, reduced costs, and enhanced employee morale.

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