7 Characteristics of Best Suggestion Box Systems

Seven and 7 chicksSuggestion box systems can help your organization and give it a competitive advantage. However, a suggestion box system, as with anything, needs to be executed well in order for your organization to really benefit.

Here are seven characteristics that are seen in high-performing suggestion box systems. [Read more…]

Traditional vs. Online Suggestion Boxes: An Honest Comparison

Boxing GlovesShould you invest in online suggestion box software?

Or should you buy a few physical suggestion boxes and place them somewhere in your office?

In this article we compare your two options for implementing an employee suggestion program: traditional vs. online suggestion boxes.

1. Speed of Implementation

Is it quicker to buy physical suggestion boxes and place them around the office? [Read more…]

Employee Suggestion Box: Definition and Benefits

Employee Suggestion BoxWant to know one of the best ways to motivate employees?

Employee suggestion boxes give employees opportunities to participate in decision making at work. As a result, they feel empowered and assume more ownership of their work.

It may sound self-explanatory, but let’s define what an employee suggestion box is:

An employee suggestion box is a device for obtaining employee input – comments and suggestions – in hopes of improving internal processes and/or products. Employee suggestion boxes form the foundation of successful employee suggestion programs

Your employees’ suggestions can provide you with [Read more…]

Online Suggestion Box: Definition and Benefits

Kid Having an IdeaYour employees drive your company forward.

They’re doing what you hired them to do. But they’re also full of ideas that can improve your organization. Some of those ideas can even lead to breakthrough products & services. You can tap into these ideas with the effective use of an online suggestion box.

But what exactly is an online suggestion box? Here’s a simple definition:

An online suggestion box is an online website that employees can use to share their ideas freely with other employees, including management.  

It’s a simple way to get your employees to want to share their ideas with you. Whether your employees have big ideas (about innovative new products) or small ideas (improvements to internal process), doesn’t matter. All these ideas can [Read more…]