Employee Suggestion Program: Definition and Benefits

Post-Its of people leading to an ideaEmployee Suggestion Programs. What are they? And, how can they help your organization?

First, let us define what an employee suggestion program is:

A program implemented by an organization to tap into employee ideas in hopes of improving the organization’s processes and/or products.

When implemented well, your organization can reach new heights. An employee suggestion program can lead companies to accomplish everything from saving money to creating new products, as seen in these 6 ideas from employees boosted company performance

As Kate Walter explains in HR Magazine:

“Suggestion programs create a win-win situation. More involvement and input for employees and improved efficiency and cost-savings for employers.”

Now let us take a look at how employee suggestion programs can help your organization…

Benefits of Employee Suggestion Programs:

  1. Deliver More Value for Customers. An employee suggestion program helps you know what customers want and how you can best deliver it to them. Winnebago Industries improved customer happiness by implementing an employee’s suggestion about speakers in their vehicles.
  2. Boost Employee Morale & Motivation. Effective employee suggestion programs can increase motivation, encourage teamwork among employees, and promote loyalty within the workplace. This can lead to a spike in employee morale and overall satisfaction.
  3. Increase Revenue. Employee ideas can help you find ways to increase company revenues. An employee at 3M came up with the idea of Post-It Notes – which has led to a lion’s share of $3.47 billion revenues posted by 3M’s business unit.
  4. Reduce Costs. Employees can generate ideas for your organization that can lead to great cost-savings. A Boardroom Inc.  employee came up with the idea to reduce the size of books so they could be posted at a lower rate. This saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

How can you too achieve such benefits? Check out these tips on how to make your employee suggestion program a glittering success.

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