Employee Suggestion Programs – Benefits of Seeking Ideas on One Topic

In this blog post, I want to share one thing that can make your employee suggestion program way more successful. What is it?

Seeking ideas and solutions from employees on one specific topic. How so?

Many employee suggestion programs seek ideas from employees without a clear focus or goal. Employees then submit ideas about anything and everything.

The problem with having no focus is…

Problems of Seeking Ideas Without Focus on Specific Topic

  • Employees submit too few ideas as they are unsure what to submit.
  • Employees stop submitting ideas after a while, as there is nothing that spurs them to regularly submit new ideas.
  • Employees submit ideas in areas that are not relevant to organization goals.

You can minimize these problems by seeking ideas focused on a specific topic. So, what are the benefits of seeking ideas on a specific topic?

Benefits of Seeking Ideas on a Specific Topic

  1. Get more ideas
    You can receive more employee ideas when you seek solutions to a specific topic. Although counter-intuitive, focus often spurs more employee ideas!
  2. Increase employee engagement 
    You can challenge employee creativity by providing different topics—one topic at a time. This keeps employees continuously engaged over the long term.
  3. Achieve better fit with organization goals
    When you align your topics with organizational goals, employee ideas will also align. Specific topics generate specific ideas, and those specific ideas will fall in place with organizational goals.
  4. Manage and implement ideas easier
    Ideas become easier to manage when they are focused on a specific topic. This makes the process of finding the best ideas simpler. This, in turn, makes it easier to implement ideas.

Hope you found this article helpful. Check out our other posts on tips for tapping into employee ideas as well as benefits of employee suggestion programs.

Alex Ramirez

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