How Kraft Foods Continuously Innovates with an Idea Management System

Hot Homemade Chocolate PuddingWhat is co-creation, and how can it improve innovation in your organization?

Kraft Foods innovates using “co-creation” with their customers, which involves an ongoing dialogue between the two about what improvements Kraft can make. This practice has led to new ideas, packaging guidance, and insights into cooking habits. So, how does it work?

Kraft’s Methods of Co-Creation

They began by creating an online employee community known as “FOODii” (see section 5 of this article). Kraft needed to name a new Jell-O product, so they used FOODii to request employee input. Within 24 hours, employees had submitted over 100 ideas. The marketing team passed the top 10 on to consumers for evaluation. Thus, employees and consumers both had a hand in choosing “Chocolate Mint Sensation” as the winning name.

Then, Kraft hosted “Idea Cafe,” a three-week innovation convention. They invited 50 consumers to offer their ideas, who then worked with industry professionals to fine tune them. This convention led to the generation of 60 new ideas for improving the company.

Kraft Foods enjoyed a wealth of benefits from opening up to customer and employee input. How can your organization reap similar rewards?

The Benefits of Co-Creation

Co-creation goes beyond the typical surveys and polls. Some of its benefits include:

  1. Using consumer knowledge as an organization’s asset
  2. Creating an active dialogue between the company and its consumers
  3. Offering employees and consumers the chance to invest in the success of your organization

Kraft Foods’ FOODii and Idea Cafe are excellent models of combined innovation and collaboration. You too can implement their methods in your organization through the use of an idea management system.

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