How to Make Your Idea Management System More Transparent

Wiping WindshieldIs your idea management system transparent to your organization?

Having a transparent idea management system is a necessary step for it to be successful. Your employees should understand what the idea management system is, how to use it, and how the system is going to benefit your organization.

Read on to learn why a transparent idea management system is important and how you can make your organization’s system more transparent…

Why Having a Transparent Idea Management System Matters

Transparency encourages communication in your organization and shows your employees that you trust them.

By keeping your organization’s idea management system transparent, your organization can receive the full benefits of the system. A transparent idea management system can encourage all your employees to be involved, build on ideas and understand your organization more fully. You can also receive more excitement about your idea management system and better ideas from your employees.

A transparent idea management system also helps promote good communication within the organization. It’s a step for you and your organization to be more open with your employees. According to data compiled by talent management company, companies that promote good communication are 50% more likely to have lower levels of turnover. Click to Tweet! 

Steps to a More Transparent Idea Management System

So how do you make your idea management system more transparent? Here are four simple tips…

1. Start by including everyone in your organization. By including all employees, you can encourage ideas and help them feel involved and engaged. Including everyone in your organization will also likely result in more idea submissions.

2. Take time to explain to your employees what exactly your idea management system is and how the organization will benefit from their ideas. By doing this, you can tackle all the questions and misunderstandings head on. Letting your employees also know how the organization will benefit from their ideas will help your employees understand how they can help the organization.

3. Make sure to tell your employees how their ideas will be chosen and used. Tell them how they can submit ideas, how ideas can be voted on and how ideas will be used. Provide your employees with this information to help them understand the system better and why they should care. 

4. Don’t forget to give your employees access to the system. Keep your idea management system open so that your employees can see others’ ideas, comment on them, and vote on them. Giving your employees access to see what’s going on in your idea management system can spur their creativity and think up more and better ideas.

But don’t simply tell your employees that they can collaborate and improve on their fellow employees’ ideas… encourage it!  Let your employees know that they can and should improve upon their fellow co-workers’ ideas and vote for them.

Start Being More Transparent with Your Organization

Increase transparency in your current idea management system by starting with the steps above. Then, make sure your idea management system stays successful by avoiding the fatal flaw that’s found in most idea management systems.

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