5 Tips: Zen and the Art of Idea Management System Maintenance

Motorbike in a low angle shotAre you getting the most out of your idea management system?

Just like a high-performance vehicle requires tune-ups, it is important to revisit your innovation process for regular maintenance. Follow these five steps to ensure your system continues to run like new. Click on each post for even more info!

1. Educate Your Employees 

Do your employees understand how to submit ideas? Clarify any confusing details; you don’t want lack of education to impede the system’s progress.

2. Encourage a Culture of Innovation

Make innovation a natural part of the work environment.

3. Don’t Rely on Rewards

Part of maintaining a culture of innovation means you don’t need to rely on extrinsic motivators to keep the ideas coming.

4. Implement Co-creation

Open up the idea management system to your customers. Use them as a front-line resource for your market’s current needs.

5. Prioritize Ideas

What are you looking to improve? Choose which ideas to implement based on necessity, not the most votes or rank.

If you find employee engagement lagging or idea submission declining, use this guide to refresh your system. Implementing these steps ensures your idea management framework will remain in peak condition for years to come.

Lauren MacLeod

Hello, I'm your author, Lauren MacLeod. I spend a lot of my time researching the best practices for innovation management, and writing articles to share them. I hope you find them helpful! I work at Accompa - one of our products is IdeaGlow innovation management software.

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