Online Suggestion Box: Definition and Benefits

Kid Having an IdeaYour employees drive your company forward.

They’re doing what you hired them to do. But they’re also full of ideas that can improve your organization. Some of those ideas can even lead to breakthrough products & services. You can tap into these ideas with the effective use of an online suggestion box.

But what exactly is an online suggestion box? Here’s a simple definition:

An online suggestion box is an online website that employees can use to share their ideas freely with other employees, including management.  

It’s a simple way to get your employees to want to share their ideas with you. Whether your employees have big ideas (about innovative new products) or small ideas (improvements to internal process), doesn’t matter. All these ideas can move your organization forward.

Take the origin of the Post-It Note, for example. One small idea from an employee has turned into a billion-dollar success for the 3M company. How can your company tap into such employee ideas too?

An online suggestion box can help.

Benefits of an Online Suggestion Box:

  • Improve Your Organization. Your employees suggestions can help solve a problem or help your organization become more effective and efficient by sharing their ideas. They know what’s going on internally. Think about it, who better to understand your processes than your employees who are actually doing the work?
  • Give a Voice to Your Employees. Your employees have a voice; let them use it. Let your employees know that you want to hear their suggestions and are seriously thinking about implementing them – this is very motivating to  employees.
  • Save Money. Your employees probably have a bunch of ideas in their heads on how to save your company money. Enable them to share these ideas through your online suggestion boxes.
  • Enable Organizational Learning. With online suggestion boxes, you can instill a learning culture in your organization – where employees are free to share ideas  with each other and learn from them.

Learn more about the benefits of an employee suggestion program and how it can make employees happier.

Companies of all sizes (from Fortune-500s to growing startups) use IdeaGlow to easily setup customized online suggestion boxes. If you’re interested, you can apply for a FREE trial.

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