How to Prioritize Your Organization’s Ideas

Ideas drive innovation. But how do you decide which ideas to implement first?

Learn how to prioritize your employees’ ideas so your organization can begin innovating.

How to Prioritize Ideas

In a previous blog post, we explained how you can gather ideas from your employees. Once you’ve gathered ideas from your employees, it’s time to  prioritize those ideas to decide which ones to implement. [Read more…]

Why Failing Can Be a Good Thing For Innovation

Kids & Science ExperimentSometimes, it’s okay to fail.

Why? Because the fear of failure holds back organizations from being truly innovative. But it’s not just about failure. It’s about how you handle the failure and what you learn from it. Read on to learn why failing can be a good thing and how you can fail well… [Read more…]

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

business people teamworkCreating a culture of innovation is important for any organization that wishes to grow.

Learn how you can create a culture of innovation in your organization so that it can thrive. Help bring new ideas to the table and encourage innovative thinking in the following ways…

[Read more…]

10 Best Books on Innovation Management

Thinking KidAre you looking for information on how to implement or improve the innovation management process at your organization?

If so, you may already know that innovation shouldn’t be treated as isolated “Eureka!” moments. Instead, you should manage innovation as a systematic process to bring ideas to life.

In fact, successful organizations such as GE and P&G manage their innovation with a very systematic process.

There are a lot (I mean, a LOT!) of books on innovation. But most of them focus on theory and concepts. While such books may provide good information, they don’t help your team in implementing a process to manage innovation at your organization. How do you find books that can help you?  [Read more…]

Innovation: A Definition

Magnifying GlassInnovation fuels successful companies and drives the economy forward.

Michael Porter has suggested that innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.

But while everyone sings the praises of innovation, what is it exactly? And how do you manage innovation?

Innovation seems like a tricky concept. Take for instance these three different views:  [Read more…]