7 Characteristics of Best Suggestion Box Systems

Seven and 7 chicksSuggestion box systems can help your organization and give it a competitive advantage. However, a suggestion box system, as with anything, needs to be executed well in order for your organization to really benefit.

Here are seven characteristics that are seen in high-performing suggestion box systems.

1. Suggestions are Actively Encouraged

If  top management is not actively encouraging participation in the suggestion box system, you’re less likely to receive suggestions from your employees. Show your employees that you want to hear their ideas by encouraging submissions throughout the life of your suggestion box system.

Help your employees understand your suggestion box system and why you want to hear their ideas. Employees who understand the mission of your suggestion box system are more likely to submit ideas that help your organization.

2. Submitting Suggestions is Easy

Make it easy for employees to submit their suggestions. Provide them with a simple way to submit suggestions and let them know about it. Difficult or confusing suggestion box systems may make your employees feel reluctant to go through the process of submitting their suggestions.

3. Evaluation of Suggestions is Fast

Show your employees that your organization actually cares about the suggestion box system. Take the time to evaluate their ideas quickly and provide feedback, as explained in #4, below.

4. Feedback is Timely

Your employees are more likely to participate in the system if their ideas receive thoughtful feedback.

Experts recommend setting a timetable in which receipt of an idea will be acknowledged (ranging from 24 hours with electronic systems to one week with more traditional systems). Employees should also be notified within 30 days, letting them know if their ideas will be adopted or not.

5. Implementation is Quick

Implementing your employees’ ideas too slowly – especially in the absence of feedback –  can easily demotivate them. They may also believe that no one is paying attention to their submissions. A simple mistake like this can cost you future suggestions that can help improve your organization’s internal processes and products.

6. Employees are Recognized, and Success is Celebrated

Successful suggestion box systems recognize participants and provides rewards for good ideas.

Celebrate your employees’ success and show them that a simple idea can easily go far and help your organization save costs and energy. This can encourage your employees to submit more suggestions that they think will benefit the organization.

7. Suggestion Box Performance is Measured and Improved

Without measuring your suggestion box performance, you won’t know how your system is doing. Take the time to see how your suggestion box system is doing and what steps you can take to to improve it. Better yet, ask your employees for the suggestions to improve your suggestion box system!

Start Improving

Begin improving your suggestion box system or get started with one. Keep the above 7 characteristics in mind throughout the life of the system to continually encourage valuable suggestions and improve your organization. Discover the difference between a traditional vs. an online suggestion box system and what will work better for your organization. Or start publicizing your system today.

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