3 Basics Every Innovation Manager Should Know

back to basicsAre you currently managing the Innovation program at your organization, or will soon do so? There are a few basics that are important for every successful Innovation Manager to know & understand.

In this article, I cover 3 of those basics. Let us get started…

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Top Innovation Blog Posts: Week of February 23, 2015

Top IM Blog Posts (maroon)Looking for some great reads on Innovation? Here is a roundup of the top blog posts I read this week. I hope you find them helpful!

  1. Innovation Through Preparation:Mike Shipulski explains the importance of asking yourself 6 important questions that will prepare you for a successful Innovation Burst Event.
  2. An Innovation Portal…I Can Do That Myself: “When evaluating whether to do-it-yourself portal first-of-all evaluate the final (corporate) cost before price,” says Campbell Lockhart in his article discussing the advantages of having an external innovation portal.
  3. Innovation and Organizational Culture: In this post, Ralph-Christian shows readers the steps to building an organizational culture that promotes adaptability and innovation.

Editor’s Notes: