7 Characteristics of Best Suggestion Box Systems

Seven and 7 chicksSuggestion box systems can help your organization and give it a competitive advantage. However, a suggestion box system, as with anything, needs to be executed well in order for your organization to really benefit.

Here are seven characteristics that are seen in high-performing suggestion box systems. [Read more…]

5 Reasons Most Employee Suggestion Programs Fail

dart-picMany employee suggestion programs fail. Don’t let yours be the next one.

Organizations make common mistakes when implementing their employee suggestion programs. Are you making the same big mistakes other organizations are making in their employee suggestion programs?

Though common, these mistakes are not ones that you want to be caught making in your employee suggestion program. They could cost you your employee suggestion program as a whole, your organization’s potential improvement, and your organization’s workplace morale.

Below are 5 reasons why most employee suggestion programs fail: [Read more…]

Employee Suggestion Form Template – Free Download (Word Doc)

screenshot of templateImprove your organization with a simple piece of paper.

An employee suggestion form gives your employees the opportunity to make suggestions and give valuable feedback.

They can continually encourage employee suggestions and, when great ideas are implemented, can continue to improve your organization.

Employee suggestion forms can be a “cultural enabler of continuous improvement.” [Tweet This!]

If you have an employee suggestion program in place, an employee suggestion form is a [Read more…]

9 Great Ways (and 1 Bad Way) to Reward Employee Suggestions

Thank You TrophyAre you considering starting an employee suggestion program? Or perhaps you already have one?

How you recognize and reward employee suggestions is one of the most important decisions you have to make.

If the rewards for good employee suggestions are poorly designed, you can discourage employees from submitting ideas. A good reward program, however, can encourage idea submission.

I’ve listed nine good options for rewards below. I’ve also described one bad idea (this may surprise you)!

Let’s look at good ways to recognize or reward your employees first. [Read more…]

Traditional vs. Online Suggestion Boxes: An Honest Comparison

Boxing GlovesShould you invest in online suggestion box software?

Or should you buy a few physical suggestion boxes and place them somewhere in your office?

In this article we compare your two options for implementing an employee suggestion program: traditional vs. online suggestion boxes.

1. Speed of Implementation

Is it quicker to buy physical suggestion boxes and place them around the office? [Read more…]