How an Employee Suggestion Program Can Make Your Employees Happier

Happy employeesIt’s a tricky question.

Do bonuses & cash rewards keep employees happy? Or is there a better way to motivate employees?

Reward Schemes for Routine vs. Non-Routine Roles

Bonus schemes may motivate employees depending on whether their role is routine or non-routine. Factory jobs are often routine – they may not require a lot of initiative. The same may be true for certain basic administrative roles.

More and more jobs in our economy, however, are non-routine: creative jobs, engineering jobs, marketing and sales jobs, etc. These jobs often require creativity, expertise, and self-motivation.

In his fascinating book Drive, Daniel Pink argues that reward schemes [Read more…]

Employee Suggestion Programs – Benefits of Seeking Ideas on One Topic

In this blog post, I want to share one thing that can make your employee suggestion program way more successful. What is it?

Seeking ideas and solutions from employees on one specific topic. How so?

Many employee suggestion programs seek ideas from employees without a clear focus or goal. Employees then submit ideas about anything and everything.

The problem with having no focus is…

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5 Tips to Tap Employee Ideas & Build an Employee Suggestion Program

“Would your employees act differently if they actually owned your company…?” – Bilbrey and Jones (Ordinary Greatness: It’s Where You Least Expect It…Everywhere)

Innovative ideas drive a company’s success.

Whether it is creating new products, improving existing products, or finding more efficient workflows, innovation keeps a company at the forefront. So where do these innovative ideas come from and how can you tap into them?

A very important source of innovative ideas is: Employees. How so?

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7 Benefits of an Employee Suggestion Program

A well-designed employee suggestion program can offer several benefits to your organization.

Here are some of the top benefits you can reap via employee suggestion programs…

Benefits of Employee Suggestion Programs

  1. Improve Employee Morale
    A well-designed employee suggestion program enables employees to improve their own work processes. This improves employee morale.
  2. Increase Job Satisfaction
    Participating in employee suggestion programs increases employee job satisfaction as employees feel they are positively influencing their organization.
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