6 Must-Do Steps for a Successful Staff Suggestion Scheme

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Encourage employees to submit useful ideas, and your company will thrive.

The theory sounds good.

As you may know, companies like Toyota have successfully implemented staff suggestion schemes. They have improved product quality, reduced costs, and enhanced employee morale.

But how do you ensure your scheme will be a glittering success, too? [Read more…]

How an Employee Suggestion Program Can Make Your Employees Happier

Happy employeesIt’s a tricky question.

Do bonuses & cash rewards keep employees happy? Or is there a better way to motivate employees?

Reward Schemes for Routine vs. Non-Routine Roles

Bonus schemes may motivate employees depending on whether their role is routine or non-routine. Factory jobs are often routine – they may not require a lot of initiative. The same may be true for certain basic administrative roles.

More and more jobs in our economy, however, are non-routine: creative jobs, engineering jobs, marketing and sales jobs, etc. These jobs often require creativity, expertise, and self-motivation.

In his fascinating book Drive, Daniel Pink argues that reward schemes [Read more…]