4 Roles that Fire Up Your Innovation Management Process

http://us.fotolia.com/id/65467511Super Bowl XLIX is coming up this Sunday. The Seahawks and the Patriots – and all successful football teams – have one main feature in common: each player has a well-defined role.

Teams pursuing innovation will also benefit from well-defined roles. In the book Employee Driven Quality, the authors identify four roles necessary to fire up your innovation management process. [Read more…]

The First Step in Building Your Innovation Management Process

In a previous post, I shared my view that “innovation management process” is not an oxymoron – and that innovation can indeed be managed as a process.

In fact, I believe innovation must be managed as a process – not as random Eureka moments. Research shows this is how “built to last” companies such as GE and P&G approach innovation.

Ok, that settles that! The next question is:

How do you start implementing an innovation process at your organization?

I’ll share my thoughts on this question today.

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Innovation Management Process – An Oxymoron?

This is our first blog post, so let me start with the obligatory “Hello world!”

What is this blog about? It’s about innovation – specifically, practical tips & articles to help you manage innovation at your organization.

The word “innovation” conjures up many images. Creative genius. Eureka moments. Light bulb going off. Magical. Mystical. Accessible to only a select few blessed humans. You get the idea! Well, I’m not a big believer in this notion of innovation. Why not, and what do I believe then? [Read more…]