4 Roles that Fire Up Your Innovation Management Process

http://us.fotolia.com/id/65467511Super Bowl XLIX is coming up this Sunday. The Seahawks and the Patriots – and all successful football teams – have one main feature in common: each player has a well-defined role.

Teams pursuing innovation will also benefit from well-defined roles. In the book Employee Driven Quality, the authors identify four roles necessary to fire up your innovation management process. [Read more…]

What is Better for Innovation? Small Ideas vs. Big Ideas

Bigger and brighter ideaDo you want your employees to come up with a “breakthrough” idea, one that will be a game-changer for your organization?

It probably won’t immediately come in the form of just one big idea. Ideas focused on solving day-to-day workplace complications make up the first steps of large-scale innovation. [Read more…]

How Kraft Foods Continuously Innovates with an Idea Management System

Hot Homemade Chocolate PuddingWhat is co-creation, and how can it improve innovation in your organization?

Kraft Foods innovates using “co-creation” with their customers, which involves an ongoing dialogue between the two about what improvements Kraft can make. This practice has led to new ideas, packaging guidance, and insights into cooking habits. So, how does it work?

[Read more…]

Top Reasons Why Innovation Fails – Part 1

Young businessman having no ideaWhy do innovation initiatives fail? This Fast Company article introduces six reasons your organization may be experiencing setbacks.

In this blog post, I’ll dive in to reason #1: Not having a formal innovation management framework and systems. [Read more…]

How to Prioritize Your Organization’s Ideas

Ideas drive innovation. But how do you decide which ideas to implement first?

Learn how to prioritize your employees’ ideas so your organization can begin innovating.

How to Prioritize Ideas

In a previous blog post, we explained how you can gather ideas from your employees. Once you’ve gathered ideas from your employees, it’s time to  prioritize those ideas to decide which ones to implement. [Read more…]