How Kraft Foods Continuously Innovates with an Idea Management System

Hot Homemade Chocolate PuddingWhat is co-creation, and how can it improve innovation in your organization?

Kraft Foods innovates using “co-creation” with their customers, which involves an ongoing dialogue between the two about what improvements Kraft can make. This practice has led to new ideas, packaging guidance, and insights into cooking habits. So, how does it work?

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Traditional vs. Online Suggestion Boxes: An Honest Comparison

Boxing GlovesShould you invest in online suggestion box software?

Or should you buy a few physical suggestion boxes and place them somewhere in your office?

In this article we compare your two options for implementing an employee suggestion program: traditional vs. online suggestion boxes.

1. Speed of Implementation

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Online Suggestion Box: Definition and Benefits

Kid Having an IdeaYour employees drive your company forward.

They’re doing what you hired them to do. But they’re also full of ideas that can improve your organization. Some of those ideas can even lead to breakthrough products & services. You can tap into these ideas with the effective use of an online suggestion box.

But what exactly is an online suggestion box? Here’s a simple definition:

An online suggestion box is an online website that employees can use to share their ideas freely with other employees, including management.  

It’s a simple way to get your employees to want to share their ideas with you. Whether your employees have big ideas (about innovative new products) or small ideas (improvements to internal process), doesn’t matter. All these ideas can [Read more…]

Employee Suggestion Programs – Benefits of Seeking Ideas on One Topic

In this blog post, I want to share one thing that can make your employee suggestion program way more successful. What is it?

Seeking ideas and solutions from employees on one specific topic. How so?

Many employee suggestion programs seek ideas from employees without a clear focus or goal. Employees then submit ideas about anything and everything.

The problem with having no focus is…

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5 Tips to Tap Employee Ideas & Build an Employee Suggestion Program

“Would your employees act differently if they actually owned your company…?” – Bilbrey and Jones (Ordinary Greatness: It’s Where You Least Expect It…Everywhere)

Innovative ideas drive a company’s success.

Whether it is creating new products, improving existing products, or finding more efficient workflows, innovation keeps a company at the forefront. So where do these innovative ideas come from and how can you tap into them?

A very important source of innovative ideas is: Employees. How so?

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