Simple Ways to Publicize Your Employee Suggestion Program

promote employee suggestion programYour employee suggestion program is in place but employee involvement needs a boost for you to truly reap the benefits. What’s a straight-forward way to do this?

Publicize it!

Publicizing your employee suggestion program will create employee awareness and attract their attention. For one company, publicizing their employee suggestion program increased participation by 350%!

Here are some simple ways to promote your employee suggestion program and increase employee involvement.

Inform Employees

Believe it or not—many employees are not even aware of their company’s employee suggestion program! And a lot of employees who were aware at one point often forget it.

Stimulate interest by sending out personal emails or talking in person. Let employees know that you value their input—do this regularly.

Create a fun event for employees to get involved. Promote the program by planning a kick-off party with balloons, games, snacks, and an idea booth.

Put together a team lunch. Let employees know about your employee suggestion program. Encourage their participation using the techniques in the next section.

Motivate Employees to Participate

Reveal to your employees that an employee suggestion program is their forum. It’s an invitation to get involved and share their opinions.

Create a slideshow or presentation that communicates the benefits of their suggestions and ideas. Employees will participate more actively when they know their ideas are welcome and are valuable.

Management support is another strong motivating factor. Ask an executive to endorse the program via email or in a meeting. When employees notice that top management supports the suggestion program, they become more enthusiastic about it.

Check out 5 tips to tap into employee ideas for additional tips on this topic.

Approach It Like Marketing

Generate awareness to keep the program alive. Create a poster and hang it up in the break room. Develop a logo or tag line as a creative way to brand the employee suggestion program and attract attention.

Offer incentives or create contests for employee ideas. A good, fun competition will be sure to arouse creativity.

Most of all, be enthusiastic when promoting the program. Enthusiasm is contagious, and employees will be excited to participate!

IMPORTANT: Do all of these activities in an ongoing basis, not just at the beginning of the program.

I hope you found this article helpful and are inspired to find creative ways to publicize your employee suggestion program! You may also want to check out the benefits of seeking ideas on one topic.

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